CLaSSES an entity of type: Corpus

CLaSSES (Corpus for Latin Sociolinguistic Studies on Epigraphic textS) is a digital resource which gathers non-literary Latin texts (inscriptions, writing tablets, letters) of different periods and provinces of the Roman Empire. Each text is tagged with linguistic and extra-linguistic information that allows to analyze the spelling variations in Latin non-literary sources in the light of the sociolinguistic context of the Roman world.
Giovanni Moretti, Federica Iurescia, Marco Passarotti, Paolo Ruffolo, Giovanna Marotta, Francesco Rovai, Irene De Felice, Lucia Tamponi, Stefano Dei Rossi. 
Giovanna Marotta, Serena Barchi, Francesca Cotugno, Irene De Felice, Margherita Donati, Francesco Rovai, Lucia Tamponi, Stefano Dei Rossi. 

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