LiLa triplestore – documentation

Here you can watch LiLa's ever-growing collection of connected resources in action.

The lemma list of LiLa, based on the one used by Lemlat 3.0 and integrated with the data of the Word-Formation Latin lexicon, acts as the central hub to link a series of lexical and textual resources together.

View them using our triplestores and SPARQL end-points (powered by Apache Jena)

The endpoints

The LiLa's data can be accessed and queried using the following end-points:


The original data that we converted to RDF and included in the Jena TDB are distributed with the following licenses:

The software that was used to convert the PROIEL CoNLL-U files to RDF (CoNLL-RDF) is distribute under an Apache 2.0 license.

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