LatinVallex an entity of type: E31

The New Latin Vallex is a valency lexicon of Latin assigning a valency frame to each Latin Wordnet Synset (sense). The New Latin Vallex is intuition based: for each sense listed for a lemma or hypolemma, there is a valency frame, established on the basis of the dictionary meaning listed for that lemma, corresponding to the Latin WordNet synset. A frame is made of all the arguments and adjuncts that are obligatory for that particular sense. Non-obligatory arguments and adjuncts are not considered. Names of arguments and adjuncts are the same as those used in the Prague Dependency Treebank annotation guidelines at section 6.2, The PDT Approach to Valency:
Latin Vallex 2.0 - valency lexicon for latin. 
Francesco Mambrini, Giovanni Moretti, Berta Gonz├ílez Saavedra 
Eleonora Litta, Giulia Pedonese, Marco Passarotti