LiLa: Linking Latin

Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin

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LAW 2019 Workshop submission accepted

Workshop: 13th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (ACL 2019)
Date: 1st-2nd August 2019
Location: Florence, Italy

  • Francesco Mambrini, Marco Passarotti. Harmonizing Different Lemmatization Strategies for Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin.

Word Formation Latin Lexicon (WFL) complete!

We’re delighted to announce that the Word Formation Latin (WFL) Lexicon is complete! WFL comprises 762 Word Formation Rules, 34,744 relations and 4,003 morpho-derivational families.

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20th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics, Las Palmas

Conference: 20th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics (ICLL 2019)
Date: 17th-21st June 2019
Location: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

  • Eleonora Litta, Marco Passarotti and Marco Budassi. Of nodes and cells. Two perspectives on (and from) the Word Formation Latin Lexicon.
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Summer School “Storia del pensiero linguistico e semiotico”

Summer School: Storia del pensiero linguistico e semiotico
Date: 15th-19th July 2019
Location: Stresa, Italy

  • Marco Passarotti. Da Lucien Tesnière alle Universal Dependencies. Aspetti teorici e pratici del Dependency Turn nella linguistica computazionale.
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LiLa prototype triplestore now available!

Our prototype RDF triplestore database is now available online for you to try! The purpose of the database is to allow you to perform queries across different linguistic resources for Latin. The resources currently connected within this LiLa triplestore are LEMLAT, Word Formation Latin and the PROIEL Latin Treebank (Universal Dependencies distribution).