LiLa: Linking Latin

Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin

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Summer School “Digital Tools for Humanists”

Summer School: Digital Tools for Humanists
Date: 8th-12th June 2020
Location: Pisa, Italy

  • Rachele Sprugnoli. Natural Language Processing tools for text analysis and visualization.
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Invited talk, University of Venice

Workshop: ALIM and beyond
Date: 27th-28th January 2020
Location: Venice, Italy

  • Marco Passarotti. LiLa: Linking Latin. A Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin.
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Encoder/Exploiter/Diffuser – Winter School, Université de Poitiers

Winter School: EnExDi 2020
Date: 10-14th February 2020
Location: Poitiers, France

Greta will be teaching at the second edition of the Digital Humanities doctoral winter school Encoder/Exploiter/Diffuser: Les humanités numériques dans les projets doctoraux. The school is targeted at newcomers to the field and takes a bottom-up approach, as tutorials will be based on the specific needs of the doctoral projects presented by the students.

Edited volume published

Book: One Origin of Digital Humanities: Fr Roberto Busa in His Own Words
Editors: Julianne Nyhan & Marco Passarotti
Published: 2019

Makes available in English key selected works of Fr Roberto Busa S.J., pioneer of Digital Humanities and Computational Linguistics.

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LREC 2020 submission accepted

Conference: LREC 2020
Date: 11-15th May 2020
Location: Marseille, France

  • Rachele Sprugnoli, Marco Passarotti. Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages.