LiLa: Linking Latin

Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin

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Computational Approaches to ancient Greek and Latin

Marco Passarotti and Rachele Sprugnoli will give a talk at the first conference on “Computational Approaches to ancient Greek and Latin” that will be held in Groningen (The Netherlands) and online on November 2nd. Attendance is free (both ‘live’ and online), but please register sending and e-mail to Evelien de Graaf (

Title: Latin Embeddings and the LiLa Knowledge Base of Interlinked Resources for Latin

Abstract: In our talk, we present the structure and the linguistic resources currently included in the LiLa Knowledge Base, i.e. a collection of multifarious textual and lexical resources for Latin described with the same vocabulary of knowledge description and interlinked according to the principles of the Linked Data paradigm. We also present a set of lemma embeddings for Latin and a couple of experiments using such embeddings for inducing sentiment lexicons and for analyzing diachronical language change in two Latin corpora.