LiLa: Linking Latin

Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin

Dummy LiLa graph

LiLa prototype triplestore now available!

Our prototype RDF triplestore database is now available online for you to try! The purpose of the database is to allow you to perform queries across different linguistic resources for Latin. The resources currently connected within this LiLa triplestore are LEMLAT, Word Formation Latin and the PROIEL Latin Treebank (Universal Dependencies distribution).

This is just a prototype, a sandbox to experiment with data and structures! Properties, relations and even URIs will most likely change in the future. There is absolutely no guarantee that any information will remain stable in future versions.

To access the triplestore, you can either click on the red button on our homepage or on the DATA tab of our website menu.

This red button on our website’s homepage leads you to the LiLa triplestore.

The DATA tab of our website menu takes you to the LiLa triplestore.

Doing so will open up this page:

Landing page of the LiLa triplestore.

From there, you can access (and query) two datasets:

  • /lemlat: stores the lemma list of LEMLAT 3.0, plus the affixes, lexical bases and word-formation information of WFL;
  • /corpora: stores corpora converted to RDF, with links to the lemmas in /lemma.

To familiarise yourself with the data, you can try one of our prebuilt queries. Select the /corpora dataset name by clicking on its corresponding query button under actions. You should now see this:

Query page of the /CORPORA dataset.

Once you’ve selected a query, click on the black/white arrow button to the right of the screen. If you know SPARQL, you can also type your own SPARQL queries in the box provided.

The results of the query will be displayed below the query box.

We will be regularly adding new resources and datasets –as well as improving our documentation– so be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed for updates!

For questions and/or clarifications regarding the triplestore, you can write to us at info[AT]lila-erc[DOT]eu.