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On 9th March MA Student Petar Stjepan Soldo from the Department of Classical Philology of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, will be joining us at the CIRCSE Research Centre in Milan for three months to help us connect the Croatiae auctores Latini (CroALa) corpus to the LiLa Knowledge Base!

Croatiae auctores Latini (CroALa) is a peer-reviewed, freely available scholarly digital collection of Latin texts by Croatian and other authors connected with people and region of today’s Croatia. […] the collection comprises works from the Middle Age until the Modern Period; the oldest text currently included is the epitaph of Queen Jelena, from 976, while the latest, a collection of Latin poems by Ivan Golub, first appeared in 1984. CroALa aims to enable philological research in the corpus of Croatian Latin in the widest possible sense. Therefore it includes both literary and non-literary texts, both prose and poetry, both short works and the longer ones, works of high literary value and trivial documents. Approximately 20,000 pages, 5 million words, and 450 documents make CroALa the largest extant collection of Croatian Latin. The XML versions of CroALa texts are freely available under a CC-BY license.

CroALa Website – About the Collection

We look forward to welcoming Petar!