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UDante Treebank in UD 2.8

We’re glad to announce that the UDante treebank is now avaliable in  the Universal Dependencies (UD) version 2.8!

This treebank includes 1,721 sentences (55,697 tokens) and consists of literary Latin texts (letters, treatises, poetry) by Dante Alighieri, or disputedly attibuted to him. The treebank is licensed under the terms of CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

The syntactic annotation of the UDante treebank has been created through a manual annotation process performed in the context of a collaboration between LiLa and the University of Pisa (responsible: Mirko Tavoni).

We wish to thank all the annotators of the UDante treebank: Daniela Corbetta, Federica Favero, Federica Gamba, Martina de Laurentiis, Giulia Pedonese, Andrea Peverelli and Elena Vagnoni.

For more information and to download the treebank, please visit the GitHub repository: